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  "If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals." ~ Leo Tolstoy
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The Wildlife Alliance of Maine (WAM) is an organization developed by Maine residents to keep the state’s citizens informed about wildlife issues We are a group of Maine citizens comprised of biologists, activists, guides, hunters, wildlife rehabilitators and others committed to equal representation and positive change for Maine's wildlife. We believe that animals should not be killed unnecessarily or be subjected to needless cruelty or suffering. We believe in fair chase and respect for Maine's wildlife. We are a local membership-based organization, and we have developed a threefold strategy that incorporates the necessary aims of any productive wildlife organization. These three are:
  1. WAM will develop an educational arm of the organization with an eye toward outreach programs in Maine's schools to provide balanced information on Maine's wildlife.
  2. WAM will act as an umbrella to work with small, grassroots groups seeking to make specific change or improvement in their area of interest as it pertains to wildlife.
  3. WAM will act through the political process to elicit specific and lasting change to the current inequities within the state of Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. WAM will work to ensure equitable representation within the IF&W Advisory Committee and Joint Standing Committee for all Maine citizens who seek a voice in the management and treatment of their wildlife. We will also lobby for funding for MDIF&W through the general fund in order for that funding to most accurately represent the needs of all Maine residents, hunters and non-hunters alike, in a true reflection of the citizens who use Maine's wildlife and natural resources.

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